Cheryl Strayed – Wild

The beauty of flinging yourself head first into a terrifying journey of trying to be not just a writer, but a published author, is that by and large, one of the most important things to do, is read.

Reading was a huge escape for me when I was younger. The wonderful worlds that I traveled were always considerably better than the one in which I was living. I craved those getaways like an addict craves a drug. It was not a hobby for me – it was as crucial to my survival as the air I breathed.

And oh, how I have missed it. As I get back to my long-lost love, I thought that one thing I could also do with this blog would be to share some of the great finds I come across, in case anyone else is on the lookout for the next great adventure. Be warned – I have wildly varying tastes. One week I could bring you something macabre from Stephen King and the next I might try to help enlighten your soul with something metaphysical.

Amazon also has this cool new embed feature, too – so I will try to add those in when I can so you can see if the book is a good fit for you. These do have affiliate links as I am an associate, so if you would rather I not make a few cents on the recommendations, feel free to search Amazon or Google the books I review. If you do happen to click through my links, much appreciated 😉

The first book is one that I have on my wishlist and will be (hopefully!) enjoying the rest of when I am through the fiction writing course I am deep in at the moment. It is from a woman who braved a wilderness that most of us will only know through a book such as this; and she braved it alone. I read the excerpt available on her site, and was instantly hooked. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

The preview above includes the excerpt on her site, which details the heart-wrenching pain of watching her mother die, as well as an astonishingly raw account of her multiple infidelities as she became a mere ghost of the woman her mother had raised.

It is rare to find that much glaring truth and transparency in memoirs today. That refreshing change alone makes this a must-read for me.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



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