Fact or Fiction?

Ok, so I am a little out of order here – this was actually the first prompt from the class. But, since it is going here, it’s ok to be a little out of order 😉

Here, we were asked to write two paragraphs. One, that has 1 fact and 3 fiction, the other has the opposite. 

Those who know me should know which one has more fact; I made it a bit easier for those who don’t. However, can you guess what is the truth and what is fantasy?

1 Fact – It is a sad thing to watch your parents grow old, isn’t it? There is a certain inherent fear of them passing, as though it is a glimpse into one’s own mortality. Looking at my own mother, I still see the beautiful woman that she is, although the lines on her face and the increasing white of her hair belie her age, and act as a sad reminder that one day I will no longer have her voice to comfort me in times of need.

3 Facts – I can still recall the haunting melody of the ornate silver jewelry box that sat on the bureau. It gripped me even as a child. Perhaps that is why I hate the music as I do; it is a reminder of what was and all of the hope of what could have been. Unfortunately, life can be cruel, and hopes can be dashed in the blink of an eye.


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