True Love’s Bliss – Haiku Pair

So, I think I am going to be addicted to I don’t remember exactly when I signed up, but apparently, I did at some point because I already had an account. Anywho, I submitted a short prose piece for their newest challenge, writing about a stranger.

Writers can submit their own challenges as well, and I found this one to be interesting. It was to write a pair of haikus stating two lovers emotions for the other. I used to love writing haikus, but this was my first attempt in years. It was pretty fun, so I am sure I will be subjecting you to many more in the future. 😉

I had to make up the first part; the second was inspired by my love’s deep voice. There’s just something about a man with a deep velvety baritone, isn’t there, ladies?

True Love’s Bliss

I watch her sleeping
Her soft breath tantalizing
How I love her so

His voice caresses
My soul endeared forever
I am lost in him

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