Who is good at writing about themselves? I, for one, am not.

My greatest accomplishment is, by far, not an accomplishment. I do not think an accomplishment can be a person, yet, I still consider mine my child. She is the most beautiful, amazing being, of whom I could not be more proud.

I have done a lot in my life as far as ‘jobs’ go, but nothing has been fulfilling. I get bored extremely easily and have never really held anything down. Perhaps it is because something else has been driving me, something that I have refused to allow myself the pleasure (pain?) of.

A lot of my writing through the years has come from pain, and I stopped for the better part of a decade because I was not in a place physically, or mentally, to release it. I am safe now, physically. Mentally, I am safer than I have felt in years, largely due to a man who puts up with my craziness. So I thought that maybe now was the time to try.

If anyone has a crystal ball – I would love to see how this turns out.

Here’s hoping for the best,